Unique Men's Wedding Rings

Embrace your individuality with our collection of attention-getting unique wedding rings for men. Browse this collection to find rings featuring contemporary bold designs that are fashionable and tastefully classic.

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6.5mm Comfort Fit Mens Band ITEM #: BM1551
Mens Band 6.5mm Comfort Fit ITEM #: BM1663
Mens Ring 6.5 mm Comfort Fit ITEM #: BM1760
6mm Two Tone Wedding Ring ITEM #: BM1060
7mm Two Toned Wedding Band ITEM #: BM1063
Unique Wedding Ring in 14kt Gold ITEM #: BMLA-2127
Cross Wedding Ring in 14kt Gold ITEM #: BMLA-2138
14kt Mens Designer Wedding Ring ITEM #: BMLA-2141

Luxurious 14K Gold

Our unique wedding rings are crafted of fine quality 14K gold, which gives them a rich look you've come to expect from deBebians. Many rings in this collection look great in 14K white gold or 14K yellow gold. White gold has a contemporary sheen that makes it a popular choice among ring wearers. Yellow gold is steeped in tradition, offering you that upscale look that is so admired. If you can't decide between the two golds, choose a handsome two-tone ring style.

Captivating Flourishes and Patterns

Bold creativity is a key element to crafting a men's unique wedding ring that captivates and stands out among standard rings. Chances are, you're browsing rings to find that special one that grabs your eye. Elements that make these rings unique include linear grooves in the middle or on edges, expertly carved intriguing patterns and flourishes such as the tiny beading of milgrain. Differences in surface texture also play a role. Raised geometric shapes or a hammered metal surface have 3D visual appeal.

Also notice how individual rings make great use of surface sheen. Some rings combine brushed metal with polished metal, and this duo surface contrast is one you'll only find among similar unusual men's wedding bands.

Comfort Fit

Creativity of design is one thing, and comfort is another. We've added comfort fit to every unique ring in this collection to ensure you'll be happy with your choice. Regardless of the exterior design, the interior of your ring feels good next to your skin. Not only that, your ring glides on and off with ease thanks to comfort fit.

Men's Ring Sizing

No matter your body type or ring size, there's a creative ring made just for you. If you're looking for unique men's rings in small, medium, large or extra-large sizes - we've got you covered.

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