Elongated Oval Signet Ring - 16mm Wide

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Standard Monogram Initial Order

Signet rings that feature a standard 3 letter monogram typically feature the first letter of the last name in the middle of the engraving. For example, the monogram for John Q. Public would appear on the ring as JPQ. Please enter the initials in the exact order that you want them to appear from left to right, so in this example you would type JPQ.

Face Engraving Examples

The examples below, along with our Signet Ring Engraving Examples Gallery are a general representation of the various engraving styles that we offer.

Signet Ring Engraving Styles


The examples below represent the open and solid back options. The open back design wears lighter on the finger as there is less metal used in manufacturing.

Signet Ring Open Back Solid Back Style Examples

Inside Band Engraving Examples

The examples below show the two engraving styles that we offer for the inside band.

Ring Inside Band Engraving Styles

This oval signet ring is oriented in a wide orientation that allows it to be perfect for a piece engraved with up to three initials, but it can also be engraved with a single initial in a truly elegant way. The face measures 10.9 mm x 16.7 mm and the entire ring is made of 14kt yellow gold. This piece also features a solid back which means that more gold is used in its manufacturing and brings its weight to about 9.3 grams. The engraving options available are computer, laser, and hand engraving which each have their own stylistic differences.