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Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

Ethically crafted sparkle and 100% the same characteristics as a real diamond, lab grown diamonds offer a great alternative to their earth mined natural diamond counterparts. These lab made diamonds, also sometimes called man made diamonds, are grown via one of two methods: HPHT or CVD, but will have the same optical, chemical and physical characteristics as a natural diamond.   

In our lab grown diamond jewelry collection, we've taken some of our most popular and most sought pieces and used man made diamonds. In this collection, we offer lab grown diamond engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets, eternity rings & diamond wedding rings.

This lab made jewelry section is going to continue to grow as the demand for these incredibly sparkly pieces grows. Of course, as a custom made jewelry designer and manufacturer, we can craft any piece you'd like with the sustainable and ethically sourced diamonds at a fraction of the price of naturally mined diamonds.


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