Why Choose a Halo Engagement Ring Setting?

Reasons to choose a halo engagement ring

Halo engagement rings have become almost as popular as the classic solitaire setting, perhaps even more popular in certain circles. Finding the perfect engagement ring is one of the most important tasks that you will ever face, but it does not have to be a stressful process. I have compiled a few of my favorite reasons to select a halo engagement ring to present to your partner.

A halo engagement ring:

1. Makes the center diamond appear larger

As Maggie has previously discussed, a diamond halo makes the center diamond appear larger because not only does it add substantially more sparkle, it also gives the wearer more finger coverage.

2. Adds carat weight to ring without adding a lot of cost

Accent diamonds are a much more affordable way to add overall carat weight to an engagement ring rather than adding that carat weight to the center stone. The larger that a diamond is, the more valuable and more expensive it becomes.

3. Is Timeless

Our Bel Dia collection of halo engagement rings offers a vast array of different designs that will appease any woman’s taste. We also manufacture each of these pieces ourselves, so it is easy to work with us if you wish to customize a setting. These designs are eternally timeless, often inspired by the decadent designs of the 1920’s.

Please contact one of our jewelry experts if you have questions in regards to choosing a setting. We also have staff GIA graduate gemologists who can assist you in finding a center diamond that works with your budget and fits into our high quality standards. Please fill out our Personal Diamond Shopper form to get started.

Also, just as a reminder, our halo engagement rings are currently on sale during our Summer of Love Sale, which ends July 15th. Use coupon code SUMMER during checkout to save an additional 10% on halo, double halo, and yellow diamond engagement rings.

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