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Why Are Some Diamonds Certified & Others Non-Certified?

deBebians offers a large collection of both certified diamond jewelry as well as non-certified diamond jewelry.

deBebians sells both certified as well as non certified diamonds.  You can use our loose diamond search to search through GIA and EGL certified white diamonds and yellow diamonds.  Typically when customers are buying an engagement ring, they do prefer a certified diamond.  Our loose diamond search includes certified diamonds from 0.30ct to 10.00ct.  We also sell certified jewelry which includes GIA certified diamond solitaire pendants, GIA certified diamond stud earrings and even five stone GIA certified anniversary rings.

Today I’d like to discuss our GIA certified jewelry vs the same item without certified diamonds as well as smaller diamonds found in our engagement rings that are not being certified.

Let’s take the GIA certified five stone rings for example.  We offer the non certified prong set five stone round diamond uncertified option in 0.50cttw, 0.75cttw, 1.00cttw, 1.50cttw, 2.00cttw, 2.50cttw and 3.00cttw.  We offer the GIA certified version starting from 1.10cttw.  The reason for this is that it’s nearly impossible to find certified diamonds less than about 0.22ct each.  It is too expensive to certify small diamonds (aka melee) and the price of the ring would be driven up way too much because of the additional cost to certify the diamonds.  Sending a diamond to a grading laboratory can cost anywhere from about $50 for the certification on up.  Typically the price depends on the carat weight of the diamond.  If you’re buying a 5 stone ring, just having five certified diamonds can drive the cost up at least a few hundred dollars.  I have a lot of customers ask me about certified jewelry vs non certified jewelry and which one they should buy.  I tell them it really depends on them because some customers like having that certification while others like the price of the non certified version.  I tell them that all diamonds are made from carbon and whether one is certified or not won’t change the color or clarity.  A G color GIA certified diamond will be the same as a G color non certified diamond.  Plus, sometimes going with the non certified version allows you to increase the diamond carat weight!  🙂

Another common question from customers is whether or not the accent diamonds in our engagement ring settings are certified or not.  Melee diamonds (small, full cut diamonds typically less than 0.18ct) are typically never going to be certified.  It would never make sense financially for diamonds this size to be certified.  Can you image how much a ring like HE147 would cost if all the accent diamonds were certified?  This ring must have nearly 50 diamonds. If each diamond in this ring was certified, the cost of the ring would go up over $2500 just for the certification!!

I guess when you are buying certified vs non certified jewelry, it’s best to compare the price of each and then decide if it’s truly worth it for you to have certified diamonds.  It’s a personal choice and you should purchase whatever you are the most comfortable with.  When buying an engagement ring, I typically recommend a certified diamond.  This is for a larger, usually more valuable center diamond and it’s worth it to get a certified diamond if your budget allows.

If you need assistance with your purchase or if you have a question about certified vs non certified diamonds, please feel free to contact us and one of our staff GIA gemologists will be more than happy to assist you.

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