Why Aquamarines Are Amazing Center Stones for Engagement Rings

We recently added aquamarine engagement rings to our site and Maggie talked about them previously from a gemologist’s perspective as well. I’d like to talk a bit more about how they’ve been used traditionally and what makes them really worthwhile as an engagement ring alternative.

Also, for the record, this one is my favorite:

It pretty much has everything I personally would want since I love the twisted band style indicative of the merging of two lives, I love how the center stone is gently held in place by the prongs which smoothly develop and rise out of the band, and I just love the simple design of the piece.  Not going to lie, I love this setting in all of its various forms that we’ve had it for the same reason, but the aquamarine gemstone also adds a bit of its own flavor for reasons that I will be covering below.

1) It Makes for a Great Something Blue.

When you have this for your engagement ring, it’s super easy to follow that “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” tradition because you already have something blue for your big day.  If you’re into following this, you can cross that off right away.

2) It’s Affordable.

It’s no secret that the engagement ring tradition has gotten a lot of flack recently just in general because of diamonds in regards to their sourcing as well as their price and engagement ring traditions like the “three months salary” adage.  Honestly, you don’t really have to follow that and in the kind of economy we’ve had recently, many couples haven’t and have looked into diamond alternatives like the aquamarine in order to save.  Morganite engagement rings, which are related to aquamarines, have already been a big hit for similar reasons, but aquamarines have a benefit with their light blue color of not being too far off in appearance from diamonds if that’s more a look you want meaning you can probably get more carat weight for your money for a similar look to a diamond ring.

If you look through our aquamarine engagement ring collection as well, you’ll notice that aquamarines are preset meaning that the price you see is the total cost and all that you will pay.  The same style with a diamond, on the other hand, means that you have to buy the setting plus a diamond separately which can vary in price a great deal depending on what parameters you want for your stone.  Aquamarine engagement rings are one-stop shopping options where you know the entire cost in one go.  My favorite solitaire ring I posted above has a price of $445 currently for the price of just the setting, but the aquamarine version has a total cost of $630 for a 1 ct center stone. (You can call us too if you want something bigger and you’ll still save a lot.)  You’re not going to find a diamond for that difference in price, which means with the money you save by springing for an aquamarine engagement ring can go to other places in your wedding planning or even toward a sweet honeymoon package.

3) They’re Light Enough That Someone Might Not Notice You Don’t Have a Diamond.

Just like what I mentioned above in the section about price.  There’s definitely a blue hue to them, but some diamonds also have a flash of blue and because aquamarines are light blue rather than deep blue like a sapphire, the color is subtle especially when the center stone is set next to smaller pave diamonds like in a halo or diamond accented band.

4) The Stones Have A Sweet History and Symbolism.

There’s a lot of tradition surrounding the aquamarine.  One of the most well-known is how they were once used as protection stones for voyages and people going out to sea because they were believed to be treasured by mermaids who might save a traveler who somehow wound up overboard.  In terms of wedding traditions though, aquamarines themselves are strongly tied to them because at one point in time they were believed to also ensure a happy marriage.  They’re stones that keep the communication lines open and keep the positivity going since they have a very youthful calming energy like maybe the many fun summer adventures you may have had with friends.  Isn’t that a great thing to have associated with your engagement ring?

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this look at this new product line and really give an aquamarine engagement ring some serious consideration.  They’re beautiful stones in their own right and have lots of benefits to them.

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