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What to Do If Your Diamond Ring Has Been Stolen or Lost

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stolen diamond A few weeks ago, I was informed that my customers experienced a robbery and had lost their diamond ring. I was shocked and very upset as it is never good to hear that a certified diamond is missing. Despite the emotional distress, I am happy to say that after about four weeks of investigation, the original diamond was located. This experience reminded me that there are important things we all should know and do when one experiences the theft or loss of fine jewelry.

The first thing to do when jewelry is lost or stolen is file a police report. Having a police report will create a public record of your missing pieces for industry professionals to be able to verify. Jewelry professionals who purchase from the public are required by law to report new merchandise to the police, although this practice is often neglected. I am however optimistic that there are enough honest jewelry professionals out there that abides by this practice. This is why it is so important to work with reputable jewelers.

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