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deBebians.com is just one of many online diamond and jewelry retailers selling loose diamonds and engagement rings. The internet has now become the place for many to comparison shop and ultimately buy their loose diamonds and engagement rings. Can you imagine if someone told you years ago that this would be the case? You would have thought they were insane! How could anyone buy a diamond sight unseen on the internet?! Well, things have changed! Shopping online for loose diamonds really does offer you the best solution because you can compare prices and choose your diamond from a variety of other similar diamonds and not be stuck with whatever your brick and mortar go-to store has in stock. Also, there is no brash salesman pushing a diamond on you. You can search from the comfort of your own home and take the time you need to educate yourself and weed through lots and lots of diamonds.

If you are like most of our customers, you have done your research and have educated yourself on loose diamonds. You may have even seen some of the same diamonds on our website available for purchase on other websites. How can this be, you may think? The answer is that all online diamond vendors work with the same network of diamond cutters and wholesalers.

So you may ask, ‘What sets deBebians.com apart from the others?’ In my opinion, it’s personal service! With three GIA graduate gemologists on staff, we are eager to find that perfect diamond for you! For us, it doesn’t matter whose diamond we sell. When we run a loose diamond search for a customer (see our Personal Diamond Shopper request form), we seek out that most excellent diamond. We balance all the important factors including carat weight, color, clarity, cut grade, budget and the overall spread of the diamond (very important and sometimes overshadowed by carat weight). We are able to closely compare very similar diamonds and make a professional judgment on which diamond would be the best for you. We understand that there is so much to learn and that the average consumer doesn’t have the time to fully educate themselves on loose diamonds. After all, the GIA graduate gemologist course is six months long and you must pass various exams along the way in order to move forward through the program. Believe me, we learns all facets of diamonds… no pun intended! 🙂

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Another way deBebians.com is different from other online retailers is that if a customer chooses to place an order for a loose diamond all on their own, we’ll run a diamond search just to make sure that there isn’t a better option out there that they may have missed. Sometimes we can find a diamond with better color, better clarity or maybe even a diamond that will measure larger than the diamond you chose. Sometimes we can even find a diamond that is almost exactly the same but sells for less money! Who doesn’t want to save money, right? Last week I was assisting a customer who was searching for around a ¾ carat princess cut diamond. I found a GIA certified princess cut diamond that weighed 0.74ct, was F color and VS1 clarity and measured 5.09mm x 4.92mm. The depth was 70.3% (some say 70% is ideal for princess cut diamonds) and the price was $2444.29. My customer wanted to keep searching and ended up emailing me a diamond he had found on a different site. He was over the moon because he had found a 0.80ct GIA certified princess cut diamond for $2381.28. He was going to save $63.01! Woohoo! However, knowing this business as well as I do, I quickly noticed that this diamond wasn’t any better than the one I had found for him. Not only was it a G color (one color grade lower than the F color I found) but it had an 80.4% depth so even though the diamond weighed 0.80 carats, it was actually going to look smaller than the 0.74ct diamond I found for him. His diamond only measured 4.88mm x 4.81mm. This is a great example of how an expert can really help you make the right decision. Wouldn’t you rather have a whiter diamond that would look larger than a poorly cut diamond with more carat weight but would actually appear smaller?!? When I brought this to the customer’s attention, he was even more thrilled by the option I had given him.

If you are beginning your search for that perfect diamond, take the time to fill out or Personal Diamond Shopper request. We truly have your best interest at heart and want to find you the best diamond out there for your budget. Come on, what do you have to lose? 🙂

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