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What Not to Do With Your Engagement Ring

When you get engaged, you want to wear your engagement ring EVERYWHERE! You want to show off your engagement ring every chance you get! It’s fun glancing down at your finger and being mesmerized by the sparkle and flash of your new piece of bling! Believe me, I love diamonds just as much as the next girl! However, it is important to remember that you’re wearing an expensive, fine piece of jewelry and that there are certain places you should avoid wearing your engagement ring!

Here are a few places you should avoid wearing your engagement ring:

  1. The Gym: This is not the place for fine jewelry. If you lift weights, this could cause damage to your ring. Also, you are going to sweat and get hot and if your ring is even a little snug, it could be extremely difficult to get off. It’s better to leave your ring at home in a safe place rather than wear it to the gym and risk damaging or losing it.
  2. The Beach: The last thing you want in your brand new diamond engagement ring is sand. At the beach, you want to play in the waves and build sandcastles… not worry about your engagement ring. Also, going into the water can make your fingers shrink a little and possibly cause your diamond ring to slip off. All in all, when going to the beach, keep your ring at home in a safe place!
  3. The Shower: Recently I had a customer who thought that wearing her engagement ring in the shower would help keep her diamond clean. This is not the case. You will end up getting a buildup of soap scum on your ring which will leave your diamond looking a lot less sparkly. Also, your fingers will get wet and the combination of water and soap can make your finger more slippery and could cause your engagement ring to slip off and possibly fall down the drain. Ugh! Can you imagine if that happened?!? That would be awful!
  4. The Spa: This is another place you for sure don’t want to wear your engagement ring! One time I had a massage appointment and I had forgotten to take my engagement ring off before I left the house. I didn’t want to wear my ring while getting a massage but I couldn’t decide where to leave it. I ended up leaving it locked in my locker at the spa which made me stress out the entire time thinking it could get stolen and therefore I didn’t even end up enjoying my much needed massage. Moral of the story?? Leave all your valuables (including your engagement ring) at home!

Ladies, I know you want to wear your engagement ring everywhere… who wouldn’t?!? Just remember that you’re wearing a fine piece of jewelry that needs a little TLC. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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