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What Makes Our Bel Dia Halo Rings Better & Different

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Our halo rings are created specifally for your center stone’s dimensions.

deBebians has designed a luxurious and exclusive line of Bel Dia halo rings that will make any marriage proposal perfect.  But what makes our a halo diamond ring from deBebians different from any other engagement ring?  That is easy.  We design each halo diamond ring specifically for your center stone.

This means that your center diamond will fit snugly and securely into the diamond halo with no gaps.  Our GIA graduate gemologists are available to assist you in finding the perfect center stone with your budget, or if you already have selected a center diamond, we are happy to get started on creating your ring for you.  We can change and modify any halo diamond ring that you see to fit your heart’s desires.  We can modify the shape and size of the diamond halo or add any detailing that you may want, like milgraining or decorative hand-engraving.

Speak to one of our GIA graduate gemologists today for more information or assistance.  They can assist you with how to buy diamonds online or feel free to browse our custom engagement ring gallery to learn more about our process of creating your perfect ring for your big moment.

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