What is Your Engagement Ring Style?

There are as many different types of engagement rings as there are types of women. Your engagement ring is something that you will be wearing much or almost all of the time so it is important that you receive something that is true to who you are and your sense of style.

Art deco engagement rings are lovely type of halo engagement rings. They can showcase intricate details, such as hand-engraving and milgrain details.

If you love antique-inspired engagement rings, then you should most certainly look at halo engagement rings. Halo engagement rings can range from the intricately-decorated art deco engagement rings, to more simple styles that only feature a single row of pave diamonds. These rings first became popular in the 1920’s and have recently become popular once again.

Solitaire engagement rings are classic, timeless, and the most popular.

If you love simple, classic pieces of jewelry, then a diamond solitaire ring may be perfect for you. These low-maintenance styles showcase the beauty and sparkle of a single diamond against a plain band. This elegant style is the most popular style of engagement ring in the world.

There is an array of different kinds of engagement rings with diamond accents. These rings can range from three stone engagement rings, to rings that feature pave diamonds on the band. These rings give a little extra sparkle if you want some added oomph to your already timeless style.

We recommend that if you are not certain what type of engagement ring you desire, browse a bit and see what kind of engagement rings are your favorite. Drop some stealthy hints and hopefully your beau will pick up on them and get your exactly what you want.  You always have the option of having your custom engagement ring made to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

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