What is the Correct Diamond Ratio for Your Wedding Band?

Learning how to match a wedding band to an engagement ring is quite important. You want to know how to pick a wedding band that perfectly complements your engagement ring and not overpower it. It is important that if you want a diamond band to be your wedding ring that you select the proper diamond ratio that enhances your engagement ring, but does not overshadow it.


A 5 stone princess cut wedding band will look amazing with a princess cut engagement ring.

If you have a princess cut engagement ring, then a 5 stone princess cut ring will be a lovely match for a wedding band.  However, if you pick a wedding band that has a larger carat weight, it may make the diamond in your engagement ring seem smaller than it actually is. Typically, a 2 to 1 total carat weight ratio is ideal.  For instance, if you have a 2 carat princess cut stone for your center diamond on your engagement ring, then a 1 carat 5 stone princess cut ring showcases the ideal ratio.

You will also want to be mindful of the perfect ratio when selecting 5 stone anniversary rings if your beloved will be wearing these rings next to her wedding band.  If she is going to wear the ring on her other hand, however, the bigger the diamonds, the better.

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