What Is Morganite and What You Can Expect from Morganite Jewelry?

Morganite Engagement Rings

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Morganite is a peachy-pink colored gemstone that has become popular as an alternative style engagement ring. Morganite is part of the gemstone species beryl; its variety is named morganite. The most famous variety of beryl is emerald. The best way to think about emerald and morganite is as if they are cousins. Morganite, along with all varieties of beryl (aquamarine, emerald, heliodor, and red beryl) are cousins and share similar characteristics. All beryl is considered to be soft gemstones. Soft gemstones mean that they can scratch easily and they also grade poor to good on toughness with the ability to break. Although we see jewelry made with these gemstones all the time, we can’t assume they will wear like a diamond. We love morganite jewelry for its color and price point, but not its durability.

The beauty of morganite is its color and relative affordability for its size. It is easy to get a morganite engagement ring with a 2.50ct center stone as the same price as a diamond engagement ring that may only have a 0.50ct center diamond. Morganite is most often paired with rose gold, so anyone who likes colored gold will enjoy this pinky peach jewelry. Morganite provides a great alternative engagement ring for those looking to have something different and know that a diamond is not for them.

Morganite jewelry should be worn differently than a traditional diamond engagement ring. Morganite is too soft to be worn in environments where the ring can be banged easily. For example, we recommend taking your ring off when exercising. In addition, rose gold can be softer than white gold so not wearing the ring during heavy lifting will make sure the mounting stays intact. In the event a morganite does get damaged, it is easy to source a new stone at an affordable price.

Overall, morganite has become a great success story among pop culture as an alternative style engagement ring.

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