What is a Carré Diamond?

Posted on March 30 2017

Left: Baguette diamond Middle: Emerald cut diamond Right: Carre diamond

Left: Baguette diamond
Middle: Emerald cut diamond
Right: Carré diamond

A Carré diamond is a step cut faceted square diamond. What does this mean? This means it has longer facets that run the length of the stone. Everyone knows what an emerald cut diamond and a baguette cut diamond looks like and just in case you don’t know what it looks like you will find a few pictures above. Emerald cut, Baguette cut and Carré cut diamonds have the same faceting. What I love about these three diamond cuts is that you can see into the diamond because they are cut with fewer facets.

With step cut faceted diamonds you need to go with higher clarity.  The clarity on these diamonds should be at least a VS2 otherwise you can possibly see the inclusion(s) or imperfection in the diamond without magnification.

Shape of a Carré Diamond

Left: Carre diamond Right: Princess diamond

Left: Carré diamond
Right: Princess diamond

As you can see from the pictures above that Carré diamonds are square. The shape of a Carré diamond is very similar to a princess cut diamond. Carré cut diamonds have 90 degree angles and the corners are not truncated or cut off like an emerald cut.

Below you will find a picture of a Carré diamond eternity ring set in a channel setting. At deBebians.com we can custom manufacture the Carré diamond piece of jewelry for you.

Carré Diamond Eternity Ring









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