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What is 18kt Gold?

What is 18kt gold

What is 18kt gold?  I get this question sometimes from customers who are trying to decide which metal to choose for their piece of fine jewelry. Here is what I usually say when asked what is 18kt gold. 18kt gold consists of 75% pure gold mixed with other alloys to make up the remainder balance (copper or silver for example). You get the 75% because 24kt is pure gold (18/24 giving you 0.75 or 75%).

14kt gold is 58% gold with the balance consisting of other alloys. 18kt is a more pure gold than 14kt and therefore can be a bit softer than 14kt gold. To me, 18kt yellow gold has a richer feel than 14kt yellow gold since it has a higher pure gold percentage. 18kt gold jewelry should be stamped with 18kt, 18k, or some similar variation. It could also be stamped 750 or 0.75 referring to it being 75% pure gold. This stamping is most commonly on the inside shank of the ring or on a clasp for a necklace for example. 18kt gold is quite often the metal chosen for jewelry including engagement rings and wedding rings, as seen with this platinum and 18kt gold wedding ring. If you have questions or need advice as to which metal is right for you, please do not hesitate to call on us.  Happy shopping!

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