Wedding Trend Alert: Hand Engraved Wedding Bands for Women

deBebians carries an extensive collection of wedding bands for women that come in a variety of styles, including vintage-inspired designs. I wanted to share some of our most popular vintage-inspired wedding bands, which feature decorative hand engraving. The hand engraving detail is immaculately added to the ring towards the end of the manufacturing process. These rings are perfect to be worn alone (aside from option #8), next to an engagement ring, or stacked next to additional bands (plain, diamond, or gemstone). These wedding bands range in setting style and price, but you may learn more about each of the rings by clicking on the link provided below or on the direct image.

hand engraved wedding bands for women

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1. Hand Engraved Channel Princess Eternity Band, currently starts at $3,085.00

2. Milgrained Wedding Band with Hand Engraving, currently starts at $2,060.00

3. Hand-Engraved Colored Stone and Diamond Eternity Band, currently starts at $3,215.00

4. Euro Shank Hand Engraved Wedding Band, currently starts at $1,985.00

5. Diamond Wedding Ring with Milgrain and Hand Engraving, currently starts at $1,485.00

6. Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring with Colored Stones, currently starts at $2,790.00

7. Fancy Yellow Diamond Yellow Gold Hand Engraved Eternity Ring, currently starts at $2,660.00

8. Matching Hand Engraved Diamond Wedding Ring, currently starts at $1,385.00

9. Hand Engraved Half Eternity with Milgrain, currently starts at $1,125.00

10. Gold Wedding Band with Hand Engraving and Milgrain, currently starts at $470.00

11. Pink Diamond Rose Gold Hand Engraved Eternity Band, currently starts at $4,400.00

If you would like assistance in choosing the best hand engraved wedding band for you or if you are interested in adding hand engraving to one of our other designs, please contact a deBebians jewelry expert at your convenience.

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