Valentine’s Day Engagement Tips

Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular days of the year to pop the question.  There are many pros of Valentine’s Day proposals, which is why approximately 220,000 marriage proposals take place on this holiday (10% of the annual total).  Our editors have compiled a list of helpful hints to assist those that wish to take advantage of the occasion by proposing marriage to the one that they love.

Valentine’s Day is innately romantic.  With the abundance of chocolates, roses, and Valentine’s Day packages available at resorts and restaurants, finding a beautiful spot should be easy.  It is important to plan in advance to ensure that the special place that you have your eye on is available.  Choose a location that you know that your significant other will love or a place that is special to both of you.  However, try not to fall victim of making your proposal too cliché or cheesy—be make it classy and tasteful.

Start halo engagement rings shopping sooner rather than later.

Go ring shopping earlier rather than later, especially if your beloved would rather have a more intricate engagement ring, such as a halo engagement ringHalo engagement rings are specifically designed for the specific center stone.  This ensures that there are no gaps between the diamond halo and the center diamond.  By starting shopping for a ring early, it will also cut down on the stress that one will experience by waiting until the last minute.

Even though you want your proposal to be special, try not to be too nervous.  The truth is, she will be so excited that you are proposing, she will not even notice or care about a minor (or major) misstep.


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