Traveling with Fine Jewelry Tips

traveling with fine jewelryHere is another friendly reminder about traveling with your fine jewelry. I have blogged about this topic in the past and tend to be very careful myself with my own jewelry. I've talked before about leaving your fine jewelry at home somewhere safe while on vacation and/or wearing more costume jewelry while away. I've talked about just wanting to relax and enjoy your vacation and to not stress about your jewelry while away. Well, I guess I should listen to my own advice! :) Here's what recently happened when I was traveling on vacation with my husband and two children. Recently, we decided to take a vacation to the east coast. After taking the red-eye with two young kids who didn't sleep the entire flight, coupled with a three hour time change, we were all exhausted. We checked into the resort where we were staying and immediately got into vacation mode! The next morning, it was time for baths and like I do at home, I always take my rings off and put them in the same exact place. Since we were staying somewhere else, I slipped my rings off and put them 'somewhere safe'. I bathed the kids, got everyone ready for the day and we ran out the door. If you're like me and have kids, your head is spinning trying to keep everything and everyone straight! LOL! Well, a few hours later when we were out enjoying ourselves, I realized I had left my rings back at the resort. I immediately panicked because my first thought was that they would be stolen.  My next thought was relief! I had listened to my own advice and had worn inexpensive, replica jewelry and not my actual 3ct diamond engagement ring and wedding ring set. What a huge relief! Believe me--If we had been out and about enjoying our vacation, this realization would have ruined my day wondering if my rings were safe. Luckily, my rings were exactly where I had left them, but I learned an even bigger lesson that day! When traveling, leave your expensive jewelry at home and just enjoy your vacation!

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