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Trapezoid Diamond Engagement Rings

I love designing and manufacturing trapezoid diamond engagement rings. A lot of people think manufacturing and designing a trapezoid engagement ring is very easy because the majority of these rings only have a handful of diamonds. However, this is not always the case. Almost always I have to re-cut the trapezoids to make sure they look perfect next to one another. Trapezoid diamonds come in brilliant cut and step cut faceting. Brilliant cut trapezoids have many facets and step cut trapezoids have very few facets.

Brilliant Cut Trapezoid Engagement Ring

Tapered Radiant Engagement Ring with Trapezoids

This beautiful engagement ring is shown with a 4.00 carat GIA certified diamond with brilliant cut trapezoid diamonds. Because the center stone is brilliant cut, I designed the ring using brilliant cut trapezoids to keep faceting similar. These six brilliant cut trapezoid diamonds have a total carat weight of 2.00cttw. To manufacture and design this ring properly we re-cut the trapezoid diamonds to give this step down smooth flow.

Step Cut Trapezoid Engagement Ring

Tapered Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring

Above you will find a picture of a step cut trapezoid engagement ring with a GIA certified emerald cut diamond.  The step cut trapezoid diamonds accent the emerald cut diamond very beautifully.  The total carat weight of the 6 step cut trapezoids is approximately 1.50cttw.

Three Stone Trapezoid Engagement Ring with Micro Pave’

Trapezoid Three Stone Engagement Ring with Pave Band

I was waiting for the perfect client to design this three stone trapezoid engagement ring with micro pave diamonds.  The center stone on this ring is a GIA certified radiant cut diamond over 6.00 carats.  I handpicked two beautiful brilliant cut trapezoids and then added micro pave’ diamonds on the shank (ring portion).

I would love to help you come up with the perfect proportions for your custom trapezoid engagement ring.  You can email me directly at





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