Top 5 Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement ring designs are some of the most popular engagement ring styles today.  The lovely rosey pink hue of the metal is a stunning and unique choice that provides a little extra pop with a tinge of romance and truly extraordinary contrast with the luminous diamonds updating the 1920s art deco style through a modern twist.  It is a color that goes with any shape and seamlessly suits any engagement ring style.  The following is a list of our top 5 choices for rose gold engagement rings.

#5 Bezel Halo Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Rose gold really looks best juxtaposed to the white sparkle of diamonds, so utilizing this metal option with a halo engagement ring is a truly excellent choice.  When you have a ring where the center stone is in a bezel setting, you also get a piece that provides extra security to your arduously sought center stone.  The plain edges of the center bezel as well as the edge of the halo also provide a modern streamlined look that really takes the geometrical fashion sense of art deco to heart.

#4 Round Halo Three Stone Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Three stone engagement rings are always an exceedingly romantic choice because the style represents the past, present, and future.  This is taken to a whole new level when rose gold is the metal choice as the girly color pulls ever so much more on the heart strings and creates an air of loving sweetness.

#3 Asscher Baby Split Double Halo in Rose Gold

A double halo typically provides extra sparkle to highlight a center stone which is a great complement to an asscher which has more luster than it does brilliance.  The slight baby split shank band is also a delightful bit of detail that leads eyes to the center as well as provides a unique shape to the band that isn’t too conspicuous.  Then of course the version in rose gold makes all of these choices in design stand out that much more with a medium sort of hue where they would be more blended in a white metal or even be extra enhanced with a yellow gold setting.

#2 Square Pave Rose Gold Engagement Ring

This rendition of rose gold engagement ring is more simple, but still incorporates the sought after contrast between sparkle and color.  It is a wonderful way to accentuate that perfect center stone as it is ideal for a stone that needs very little accentuation or enhancement and is able to be set alone basking in its own glory.  The play of contrast with the rosey pink color of the rose gold metal only serves to allow onlookers to see ever more strongly how beautiful the center stone is while the pave accent diamonds along the thin band serves help focus attention on the stone.

#1 Rose Gold Round Halo Engagement Ring with Morganite

This rose gold engagement ring style with morganite center stone is one of our newest products and instantly became one of our most popular pieces.  There is something about the combination of rosey pink metal and a pink center stone that is exceptionally endearing and lovely.  Morganite has such a tender color and feel to it that it is easily able to inspire and maintain love in a relationship as well as a representative symbol of divine love.

This is but a short list of the rose gold options that we offer on our website and while we believe these five are some of our best, we also have plenty of other rings that are just as impressive.  All of our engagement rings are offered with a rose gold metal option so you can rest assured that your favorite engagement ring design can always be found in this amazing variety of fine jewelry metal.

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