Top 3 Handmade Wedding Bands for Men

Getting engaged is one of the most important events that will happen in your life.  You spent weeks or perhaps months looking for the perfect ring to present to your beloved.  After the excitement of the proposal has settled down, it is time to begin the entire planning process of the wedding.  For men, selecting the wedding band will be one of the most meaningful tasks.  Many men love the look of handmade wedding bands because of the craftsmanship that goes into creating this symbol of love and commitment.  We have compiled a list of our top three styles of these handmade rings that any man would love to wear.

Our handmade wedding bands are each made to order.

This ring is one of our customer’s favorites because it shows off one of the newer trends in wedding jewelry, rose gold.  The intricate weave of these rings features three different colors of gold, which is offset by two twisted ropes.

Men enjoy the impressive look of 9mm handmade rings.

Handmade rings that feature a fleur de lis design are elegant and timeless.  Many men also love the 9mm width of this ring, which gives the ring a bold, prominent look.  This piece is available in different variations of 14 kt rose, yellow, and white gold.

Handmade wedding bands have a unique flair, which makes them the ideal choice for men.

A refined braided band is our third selection.  Both men and women love the look of this ring because the 6mm width makes it comfortable for all finger sizes.

One of the large appeals of these rings is since they are made by hand, no two are exactly alike.  The wearer can feel like an individual while benefiting from the high quality for which deBebians is known.

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