Top 10 Videos from the deBebians Youtube Part 2

Here we have our second installment of our look at the top 10 videos from the deBebians Youtube account.  Love really seems to be in the air as the top five is filled with engagement rings.

5) Split Shank Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

This is an earlier video we did that covers an early custom halo order that we later made into a main product.  The piece was covered in milgrain, pave diamonds, and hand engraving making it an extremely fine crafted piece.  It is also a video where we experimented with lightning effects to try to get the most sparkle out of the diamonds while also playing with some various video editing and camera effects.  The light source we used was an LED light, which was great at creating sparkle but created the blue hue in the background.  It’s quite different from many of the videos we post now which are more straight forward.

4) Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

This dazzling piece was one of our earlier engagement ring designs that featured a tapered diamond studded band with milgrain and hand engraving.  Like many of our engagement rings, it was custom designed for a specific customer and then we opted to add it to our catalog.

3) Morganite Rose Gold Art Deco Engagement Ring

Our morganite rings are the latest additions to our site and some of our best sellers, so it’s no surprise that a morganite engagement ring video would be in the top 5.  This charming engagement ring was created with a 3 ct oval morganite gemstone and is exceptionally romantic with the pink on pink motif.

2) Double Prong Micro Pave Halo Engagement Ring

This pave diamond engagement ring was a design that was absolutely covered in diamonds and one of our early videos created in 2010 with our old camera.  While at a lower resolution than many of our newer videos and also containing that LED blue tint, the amazing sparkle of each of the stones continues to captivate making this our #2 popular video.

1) Eternity Halo Engagement Ring and Matching Wedding Band

The engagement ring in this set is one of our most noted designs from our Bel Dia Collection.  The setting incorporates the eternity motif into an engagement ring by making the halo itself an eternity style as well as the band forming a ring that is literally made out of shining diamonds.  The matching wedding band is of course a u-prong eternity from our eternity collection.  Production-wise, we tried playing around with text to highlight the features of the ring in the video which is sometimes so specific that it is difficult to do for many of our pieces.  The music is also one of the only pieces we had created in-house by a previous member of our team.

We hope you enjoyed this look at our current most popular Youtube videos.  Our channel is ever-changing and we’re sure that some of our newer pieces will strike a chord with our clients and can become a new favorite.  Be sure to check out our channel!

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