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Tips for Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Personalized Wedding Vows Some couples choose to stray from the more traditional route and wish to write their own wedding vows. By writing your own wedding vows, it is easy to add a meaningful touch to the ceremony and let both of your personalities shine on your special day. Today, we will be discussing the steps that it takes in creating wedding vows that will not only wow your partner, but also your audience.

Step 1. Speak to your officiant

Before planning your wedding vows, it is important to get clearance from your officiant. Once you find out that it is acceptable, it is time to fully begin the process.

Step 2. Discuss tone and format with your partner

We recommend first speaking to your partner before any writing takes place. Will you two choose to be poetic? Romantic? Perhaps you’d both love to add a little humor to your vows to liven the mood. Some couples choose to write completely separate vows while others will both recite the same customized vows to one another. Other couples may choose to do a hybrid of traditional and personalized vows. Finally, as a couple you must decide if you wish to keep your vows a secret from one another until your wedding ceremony.

Step 3. Reflect on your love and relationship

Take some notes to find inspiration directly from your relationship. How did you meet and what were your first impressions when you met your partner? What hard times have you been through as a couple? When did you realize you were in love or when did you know that you had met your future husband or wife? These tough questions will assist you in writing earnest wedding vows that will be able to fully illustrate your love and commitment.

Step 4. Make promises to your future spouse

Come up with a list of promises to make to your partner. These can be serious or you may choose to include ones that are humorous. Examples would be to never go to bed angry, to always let your partner have the last piece of pie, or to sing their favorite song when they are sick. Your vows can be specific or more general, but always remember who your audience is and don’t include too many inside jokes or you may lose the audience’s attention.

Step 5. Practice makes perfect

Write out your wedding vows and send them to your close friends or loved ones for some feedback. Once your vows are set, make sure you practice. By speaking aloud, you will be able to eliminate any awkward sentences or tongue-twisters. This is also the perfect time to practice your delivery, make sure the vows aren’t too long (we recommend a two minute time limit), and practice any hand gestures you’d like to add.

Step 6. Make a clean copy

For the wedding day, print or write a fresh copy of your vows. Remember, the piece of paper that you use will end up in your wedding photos so it is important to ensure that the piece of paper is tasteful and presentable. You can always hold onto the paper as a romantic keepsake to put in a scrapbook or your wedding album when it is all said and done.

Do you have any more recommendations for writing your wedding vows? Let us know in the comments because we’d love to hear them!

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