Tips for Buying Engagement Rings Online

Tips for Purchasing Engagement Ring Tips for preparing to buy an engagement ring online:

  1. Call and ask for assistance in selecting a diamond. A loose diamond search is not easy to navigate. Working with someone who knows the ins and outs of a loose diamond search can make selecting a diamond easier and less time consuming. A gemologist can advise you what to look for when evaluating diamonds so that you can make an informed decision. Gemologists also have relationships with diamond suppliers, which means a gemologist will have access to more diamond options than what might appear in an online database. Our GIA graduate gemologists will serve as your personal diamond shoppers.
  1. Pay attention to the “ring details” when selecting a mounting. How much carat weight is in the ring? How thick is the shank? What kind of mounting is this? Does it have a cathedral or a basket design? At quick glance, multiple ring styles might look similar; the differences are in the details listed under “product information.” To your special someone, making sure you select the right mounting can be the most important part .
  1. Make sure that there is enough time to order, manufacture, and receive the perfect ring. I can’t stress enough how beneficial planning ahead is. Preparing for this purchase prevents us from having to rush on the manufacturing. It also makes for a pleasant experience for the customer because they do not have to worry about meeting any particular deadline. Most importantly, it makes your partner feel special to know that you did not make this purchase at the last minute!
  1. Know the recipient’s finger size. Manufacturing the ring in the wrong finger size not only compromises the ring, but it also adds costs and inconvenience since most likely you are buying from out of state. Although resizing is something that we sometimes have to do, any effort to avoid it is worth taking. Asking a friend or family member to help you get an idea of the finger size is a great place to start.
  1. Ordering online can sometimes raise a red flag with credit card companies. I always recommend getting your finances in order before you make the purchase. Move funds where necessary and call your credit card company and let them know you are going to make a high valued jewelry purchase. Double checking your daily limit is also helpful since many cards decline because of that.

Please contact a customer service representative for any other questions that you might have about preparing for an order. Although we are an online company, we understand that this kind of purchase requires some thought and effort outside the click of a button. We are here to assist you in making your purchase as smooth as possible.

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