Three Stone Diamond Engagement Rings

At we have designed many three stone diamond engagement rings.  Today, I will be discussing two different three stone engagement rings that we recently made.  The first ring I will be talking about is a radiant center stone with brilliant cut trapezoid diamonds and the second ring will be a three stone emerald cut diamond ring.

Three Stone Rings

The ring on the left is a 3 carat GIA certified radiant cut diamond I color and SI1 clarity that was selected by one of our staffed GIA graduate gemologists.  When our staffed graduate gemologist looks for a diamond they go above and beyond what other jewelry stores do.  Since we don’t have our own diamond inventory, we don’t try to push our clients to buy what we own or have in stock.  We look for the best diamond available out there in the market.  We look for the best price, cut, color, clarity and overall size.    This particular stone measures much bigger than a 3 carat stone.  This diamond measures more like a 3.30 carat radiant cut.  There are two types of trapezoids.  One is a step cut and the other is a brilliant cut.  The step cut faceting looks similar to an emerald diamond.  The brilliant cut trapezoid complements the brilliant cut faceting in the radiant stone.  The trapezoids weigh 1.00 carat total weight and are H-I color and VS2 to SI1 clarity.  This is a remarkable ring.

Three Stone Engagement Rings

This emerald cut three stone diamond ring consists of a GIA certified 3.05 carat emerald cut center with 2.07 carat total weight on the sides.  This ring was a bit trickier though to manufacture.  The client had a 1 carat emerald cut diamond from their original engagement ring and wanted to make a three stone diamond ring using their stone plus two new ones. Making a three stone ring is not an easy process when it comes to manufacturing jewelry.  There are so many things to consider.  In my opinion the two most important factors in a three stone ring are the color of the diamonds and the proportions.  Since our client already had one of the side stones, we first tried to figure out what size center stone will look good with a 1.00 carat side stone.  Once we figured out the measurements, Maggie, one of our staffed GIA graduate gemologists, worked her magic and found a beautiful emerald cut as the center stone for this beautiful three stone ring.  Our clients emerald cut diamond was a lot longer and skinnier than your typical one carat emerald cut diamond.  Maggie once again did her magic and found this perfect match (it wasn’t easy).  Once we had all the three stones we emailed the client the CAD (Computer Aided Design) for his approval.  This way he was able to see the exact proportions that we picked out and the overall design of the ring.  Isnt it amazing how realistic the CAD rendering looks?

3 Stone CAD

The key to a three stone ring is the proportions and I feel not all designers have the eye to make or design a perfect three stone diamond ring.  There is a lot of trial and error with getting perfectly matched side diamonds that will accent the main, center diamond.  Click here to view our three stone diamond accented engagement ring section.  If you need assistance with a three stone ring, do not hesitate to call on us.

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