The Roaring 1920’s Are Back with Modern Halo Engagement Rings

History has a way of repeating itself as do fashion and accessories.  The same goes for engagement rings and other wedding jewelry.  Our modern halo engagement rings took their inspiration from this era of jewelry and fashion.  The 1920’s were an era that was extremely glamorous and extravagant.

Our halo engagement rings are created specifically for your center stone, so you are sure that your ring will be flawless.

Our halo engagement rings are no different.  We did not compromise any of the details that go into making one of these beautiful and unique rings.  Each of our halo engagement rings, including our double halo engagement ring settings, is created specifically for your center diamond, whether you purchase your loose diamond from us or if you already own one.  We can even reset your outdated or damaged engagement ring.

Which of these halo engagement rings are your favorites?  Have you considered having a 1920’s themed wedding, complete with flapper dresses, decorate headpieces, and feathered boas?  What a memorable event that would be!

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