The Rise of Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

Diamond halo engagement rings first became popular during the 1920’s, which was a time of decadence and glamour.  The halo of micro pave diamonds enhances and perfectly complements the center stone.  Women today love the look of these rings because of their vintage-look.  What kind of engagement ring is your favorite?  Are you hoping to receive one of our diamond halo engagement rings?

This double halo engagement ring is inspired by the 1920’s. It features an emerald cut center diamond surrounded by milgraining detail and micro pave diamonds.

Diamond halo engagement rings can be created for virtually any shape or size diamond.  It is important to know the center diamond’s exact specifications so that the diamond fits perfectly in the ring setting.  A double halo engagement ring features two diamond halos around the center diamond.  This type of ring can also be custom-made to your diamond’s exact specifications.

If you would like to see examples of our custom rings, please visit our Custom Engagement Ring Gallery.  We have jewelry and diamond experts available to help you in creating the perfect engagement ring for your beloved.  Let us know what your ideal engagement ring would look like.

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