The Charm of Sapphire Engagement Rings

The sapphire engagement ring section is truly one of my favorite sections on the site and one of the greatest joys to have worked on.  All of the styles currently available were of course originally available as diamond versions, which are just as pretty, but having a pink or blue sapphire center stone adds a unique splash of color and allows you to be different and have a piece that few others are likely to have.  This has made this particular stone a huge contender for even what I would want for my own engagement ring.

Three stone ring with gorgeous ceylon blue sapphire and two trillion diamonds.

For practicality, the sapphire is a great stone to have.  On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness a diamond is a 10 while a sapphire is about a 9, which means it’s a pretty durable stone and can stand up to wear rather well.  While this doesn’t mean you should be doing extreme activity like lifting weights while wearing your engagement ring, it does mean that you don’t have to worry or fuss as much about breaking a stone.

Not only that, but the sapphire is a gemstone choice that has some of the most wonderful symbolism that I have come across in exploring the world of minerals and gemstones.  Some of it is quite romantic and emotive while other aspects of the symbolism reflects genuine friendship and affection.  In a sapphire engagement ring, the key symbols that are represented are that of loyalty, sincerity, love, hope, and even a sense of destiny.  It is a virtuous stone of chastity and fidelity and all of these aspects together are foundations of a successful, fairytale relationship that we all dream of.

In terms of color, the stones in the settings we offer come in two variations with distinct influences associated with them where the blue sapphire variety is much more calming and peaceful while the pink is much more fun and flirty.

Regal-looking three stone pink sapphire engagement ring with knife edge.

Also, the sapphire itself actually comes in pretty much every color of the rainbow.  Even though we don’t offer them as actual products on our site, if there is another color of this wonderful stone that you want, please contact us and we can give you a quote on a custom variation of one of our sapphire engagement rings just for you.

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