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Signet Rings History

Signet rings are staple pieces of jewelry that have remained popular for many years.  These classic pieces of jewelry are also quite versatile and can be worn for many different reasons.

Women's White Gold Signet Ring

Style # SRRS554

The wearing of signet rings was first popularized in ancient Egypt.  They were worn as a way to authenticate documents with a seal.  More recently, a signet ring has been worn by those in European countries as well as other regions.  Those that have the right to bear arms, particularly nobility, typically wear signet rings as a representation of their lineage and power.

A signet ring can also be worn as a class ring or to symbolize membership in a particular club or group.  These rings show power and prestige.  It is not uncommon for men and women to wear school or class rings when they graduate from high school or university.

Many men and women also wear signet rings that are engraved with their initials.  For this reason, their signet ring is completely personal because it is engraved custom especially for them.

Do you own a signet ring?  Have you given signet rings as gifts for your loved ones?

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