Should Couples Wear Matching Wedding Bands?

After the wedding presents have long been unwrapped and the thank you notes have been sent to all of your friends and family, there will be a visible reminder of the love and commitment that you and your partner pledged to each other on your wedding day–your wedding bands. Many couples contact us and ask whether or not they should be wearing matching wedding bands? I wanted to help shed some light to make the purchasing process as easy as possible for our happy couples that are about to say ‘I do.’

You may find yourself wondering what the rules are in regards to selecting wedding bands.  The truth is that you can make up your own rules.  Many couples do pick matching wedding bands, but this is by no means a rule that is set in stone.  We offer a collection of perfectly matched rings that range from plain styles to rings with brilliant diamonds.  These rings feature the same design but with varying widths.  Other couples will choose to purchase two of the same ring if they would also like to wear rings of the same width.  This is especially popular with our handmade rings, such as the photo shown above.

For others, wearing matching wedding bands simply isn’t an option.  Instead they opt for rings that may or may not be complementary—they do not even have to be the same metal type or color.  Even though the wedding band is a symbol of your marriage, it should also be a reflection of the wearer’s own taste and personality.  For example, many women today are interested in an eternity ring whereas a man may have his heart set on a plain band.  I recommend going shopping together as a couple as a way to explore what you both like.

Your wedding ring will be one of the most important purchases that you will make, but that’s no reason to fill overwhelmed–this is a fun and exciting time in your lives and it is essential to examine many different styles of rings to see which ones speak to you and your partner.

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