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With summertime comes weddings with many couples choosing this time of year to tie the knot.  Many of my friends, including myself, had summer weddings. The weather’s perfect and you can celebrate outside. Flowers are in full bloom and the days are longer. Seems to me like the perfect time to get married is the summer!

At deBebians, we have what you are looking for in a wedding band. We offer a wide variety of styles, metals, diamonds, no diamonds, eternity, non eternity etc. The sky’s the limit with us! If you don’t see the wedding ring of your dreams, most likely we can customize it for you.

Here are some of my favorite wedding bands for men and women…

  1. Gold Concave Ring for Men
    Gold Concave Ring for Men

    This is my husband’s wedding ring so of course I had to choose it! I know when he selected this wedding ring that comfort and design were first in his mind. He thought it was cool that it’s not only four sided, but also features a concave design. To this day, he has not taken it off.  🙂

  2. U-Pave Wedding Ring with Diamonds
    U-Pave Wedding Ring with Diamonds

    It seems like these days, women are choosing delicate settings and wedding rings. This 1.7mm wide U pave diamond wedding ring is very popular! It’s perfect for a wedding ring, but also for stacking alongside other rings. It’s thin enough to be that delicate look you are seeking while having just enough sparkle.

  3. Marquise and Round Diamond Laurel Eternity Ring
    Marquise and Round Diamond Laurel Eternity Ring

    This has by far become one of our hottest wedding rings and I can totally understand why. The flow of the marquise diamonds along with the round diamonds creates a distinct floral design that really goes with all different styles of engagement rings. This is truly a beautiful diamond eternity ring!

If you need assistance selecting a wedding ring, do not hesitate to call on us! With so many options, we can help you narrow it down. We look forward to assisting you! Happy shopping!



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