Shared Prong Diamond Eternity Rings

Women all over the world love diamond eternity rings.  It can be because of the eternal diamonds going around the entire ring and/or the symbol of eternity.  Beautiful is a great word to describe a diamond eternity ring.

5 Carat Diamond Eternity Wedding Band

Prong Set Diamond Eternity Wedding Ring

What Does It Mean When We Say Shared Prong?

The meaning of shared prong is when two diamonds are being shared with one or two prongs.  A lot of diamond eternity rings are designed with 4 prongs holding in one diamond by itself.  A shared prong diamond eternity ring setting uses a lot less metal and therefore you see a lot more of the diamond.

Is A Shared Prong Eternity Ring Safe?

Yes, as jewelry manufacturer and a designer, beauty is a very important factor in manufacturing a diamond eternity ring. However, we would never compromise the integrity of the ring to manufacture something beautiful.

Can I Wear My Shared Prong Eternity Ring to the Gym or Gardening?

First of all I want to say, “No.”  Let me tell you why! Think of a shared prong diamond eternity ring as a perfectly round circle.  What can happen to this round circle if it is put under pressure?  It can go out of round.  What happens if it goes out of round?  A diamond can fall out.

One thing you have to realize when it comes to a diamond eternity ring is that it is fine jewelry and delicate jewelry.  Rings today are not manufactured or designed like the 80’s.  In the 80’s, rings were very chunky and bulky and today people want them as delicate as possible.





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