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Sentiment of Engagement Rings

Choosing the perfect engagement ring style to represent the transition of yourself and your partner into life as a united team can be a pretty overwhelming task.  There are multitudes of designs available out there, but how does a person sort through all of it to find the style that is “perfect”?

In general, the engagement ring is a ring that is supposed to represent commitment and eternity.  The eternal sentiment comes through in the shape of the ring in a round never-ending motif as well as through the typical diamond that is often chosen as the center stone.  However, since every engagement ring takes on these bits of symbolism, there isn’t anything particularly expressive or personal about the sentiment of an engagement ring on a general level that speaks to the specific love that you and your partner share with one another.

This is where the varying different designs and styles come in as they allow personal flair and the idiosyncrasies of your relationship come to shine through in your engagement ring choice.  Not only is your ring representative of the eternal commitment the two of you are making, but with your choices in style and even the center gemstone, the ring specifically comes to represents you and your connection to your partner.

The three stone engagement ring is one style we previously touched on with its varying iterations, but to reiterate, it is commonly thought to depict the past, present, and future of a relationship.  If it is the journey that you two have gone on and the adventures that you will experience together is what is at the core of what is important in your union, this is a style you should look into.


Another style similar to the three stone engagement ring, is the five stone ring.  Five stone rings can also be used as anniversary rings, but some truly elegant engagement ring styles have been created that used five stones.  The five stone design is said to represent stages of a relationship:  friendship, courtship, dating, marriage, and children.  The difference is that the three stone style probably emphasizes more your journey as two people in the company of one another whereas the five stone style seems to articulate a bit more specifically about the romantic development of your bond with one another.

The five stone ring pictured above with the trellis setting is a more typical style that you will see for a five stone engagement ring style, but below we have one of our newest pieces which puts a unique spin on the five stone engagement ring style with a vine motif.

The twisted vines and leaf-like marquise diamond side stones add a tinge more personality to this already expressive style.  The vines of course show a sort of vivaciousness as they are a symbol of life and growth and their twists show how your lives have become intertwined.  This particular rendition in two tone is especially expressive because it is like you can see the combining of both of your lives into one overall beautifully elegant whole.  Imagine how much more detail can be included based on the shape of the center stone you choose or even the meaningful details from a colored gemstone center.

Similarly, if you like the twisted idea of intertwining lives, but want more bling in your ring or the five stone sentiments of romantic development aren’t necessarily of significance to you, you may love a ring like the above.  This ring is literally made up of two separate bands that have come together and are twisted around to hold up the center diamond.  It really expresses the concept of “two become one” in every sense and the center diamond can be viewed as symbolizing the magic that happened when you two came together.

There are many more styles and design choices that we could go into that can embody the details of any connection between two individuals, but it would take an eternity to cover each one.  We hope you enjoyed this quick glimpse into the language of engagement rings and hope that it helps you to decide on the ideal piece for you.  There are literally millions of combinations that you could make between style, gemstone choice, and gemstone shape.  Personal taste is of course essential because you should be happy with the engagement ring that you will be wearing for the rest of your life to represent your love, but the meaning and sentiment you want your jewelry to express can help you to narrow the field of designs you may be interested in.

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