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Style # HE241

Recently we received an order for our milgrained and diamond accented engagement ring (style # HE241), which is one of our gorgeous diamond accented engagement rings. When I contacted the customer to get more information on his center diamond, he told me he didn’t have it yet but was going to look at loose diamonds locally. I asked what he was looking for and told him I would love to run a diamond search for him. He respectfully declined my offer as he felt it was extremely important to actually see a diamond before he purchased it.   I understand that some people are still nervous about buying a loose diamond online so I didn’t push it and respected the customer’s decision.

A few days later, the client emailed me asking how the ring was coming along and I took this as my opportunity to ask one more time about loose diamonds. He was kind and said he didn’t want to waste my time as he was set on buying locally. I told him that at the very least, it would give him some knowledge to compare what he was seeing locally. He would be able to compare prices, quality, carat weight etc. He agreed and so I emailed three great options including photos of the diamonds as well as the GIA grading reports. Next, I sat back and waited to hear about what he saw locally.

emerald cut diamonds

Sure enough, a few days later I heard from my client. He had seen some diamonds locally that were lower in quality and higher price. An important thing to note is that he was buying an emerald cut diamond and in my opinion, it’s very important to not go below VS clarity because otherwise you may see the inclusions with the naked eye. The local store showed him SI1 and SI2 quality diamonds (what they had in stock). The local store did offer to bring in a few more diamonds for him to see but said it wasn’t worth it because the prices would be higher.

This is why it’s so important to shop around and compare prices and quality. I know for some there is a pull to buy a diamond locally where you can see it, feel it, examine it before you buy it. Just know that you are most likely paying a premium for this and that you can either sometimes save money or even get a larger diamond for the same budget online. It’s important to remember that at, we work with a network of diamond dealers and we are not pushing our own inventory. This is why when we run personal diamond searches, we are truly trying to find the best diamonds out there for our clients.   It’s worth it to look and see what else is out there! I am so happy this client took my opportunity to present some diamonds to him. It armed him with the knowledge he otherwise wouldn’t have had and realized he could get a better quality diamond for a lower price online.

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