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Resetting Your Engagement Ring

Often I find myself assisting customers who already have an engagement ring but are looking to reset their diamond(s).  They want a new, more updated and current style engagement ring and I am just the jewelry designer to help out with this process.  Most of the time, these customers want to reset their main diamond into a new ring.  I fully understand that their diamond, like most jewelry, has sentimental meaning and my aim is to assist the customer with coming up with a new design that incorporates their current diamond.  Sometimes if the engagement ring has larger accent diamonds, I am able to incorporate those into the new setting as well.

The process is quite simple.  During the initial consultation with the customer, we are able to brainstorm and come up with initial ideas.  Sometimes I have customers email me photos of different designs and ideas so that I get an idea of exactly what they are looking for.  For example, some customers love antique style settings and for these customers I’ll incorporate hand engraving, milgraining or some bead work into their new engagement ring setting.  Some customers like more traditional settings so perhaps I’ll suggest a more simple three stone ring or a more simple diamond accented ring.  No matter what the customer’s style is, the possibilities are endless!

Once a design has been nailed down and the new ring has been paid, we begin the CAD process.  This is where a 3D representation of the ring is constructed.  I always email the customer the CAD for their approval when it’s a custom design.  Once the CAD has been approved, the ring will be casted.  Sometimes customers will send us their original ring so that we can properly measure the diamonds and have our jeweler set them into the new engagement ring.  Other times we will manufacture the new engagement ring setting and the customer will have their local jeweler set the main diamond(s).  Either way works for us!  We just need to make sure that the diamond(s) sizes are measured accurately so that the diamond(s) fit perfectly into the new engagement ring setting.

Redesigning a new engagement ring using your original diamond(s) is a fun and exciting process but make sure to work with a trusted jewelry designer and manufacturer.

Please visit out custom engagement rings page to get started. This is a great way to start the process of resetting your engagement ring.  We look forward to assisting you with this exciting process!

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