Rare Argyle Pink Diamond Sparkles at Auction

The Argyle Siren is a 1.32ct radiant cut purplish pink diamond.

An argyle pink diamond is among the rarest and most beautiful diamonds in the world.  At Rio Tinto’s annual auction this year, the pink stones attracted an unparalleled level of action from investors.

“The price, demand and global reach of Argyle pink diamonds has reached a new level,” explained Josephine Johnson, who is the manager of Rio Tinto’s Argyle Pink Diamonds. “We have never had so many people disappointed– One customer bid strongly on every single diamond and was unsuccessful.”

The star of the show was the Argyle Siren, which is a 1.32ct square radiant cut diamond, which exhibits a rare, vivid purplish pink color.

John Glajz, the largest Asia Pacific partner of Argyle Pink Diamonds, was the winning bidder of this majestic stone.

“This is a rare diamond from a rare collection, incomparable from the perspective of a connoisseur and I look forward to designing an heirloom piece of jewelry to honor its heritage,” Glajz said.

This year’s tender collection included 56 single pink diamonds, which included two red diamonds and 19 additional parcels of blue diamonds.

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