Radiant Cut Diamonds

Here at deBebians, we are a huge fans of the radiant cut diamonds. It is the first square cut diamond to have a brilliant cut facet pattern – 70 facets – applied to both the crown and pavilion of the diamond. Master diamond cutter Henry Grossbard created this stunning shape in 1977 and it became very popular in 1980’s. It still remains one of the favorite shapes for various jewelry items. I think it’s a nice alternative to a cushion or princess cut diamond. If you are into a glamour and bling, radiant cut is the perfect choice for you. Jennifer Lopez, Drew Barrymore, and Khloe Kardashian are among of the lucky ladies that were proposed to with radiant cut center stone engagement rings.

I would say it’s a personal preference when it comes to the shape in the radiant cut diamonds, from a perfectly square 1.00 length to width ratio, to a more traditional rectangular shape. The rectangular radiant cut is an excellent option for buyers who like emerald cut shape, but want more brilliance than a cold sparkle of the emerald cut. In longer, more rectangular radiant cuts, a bow-tie effect is more likely to appear and the visibility of the bow-tie cannot be ascertained by reviewing just a certificate or its dimensions. Preferable proportions for radiant cut diamonds are; table between 61 % and 69% and depth between 61 % and 67 %.

Here some of my favorite jewelry items that we sell on our website:

Tapered Radiant Engagement Ring with Trapezoids

Radiant Three Stone Engagement Ring with Baguettes

Radiant Yellow Diamond 18kt Gold Eternity Band

East-West Radiant Diamond Eternity Ring

If you need any help in finding a perfect radiant cut diamond or a radiant cut jewelry item, please, call us or email at your convenience! Any of our experienced stuff members would be happy to assist you.





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