Protect Your Jewelry with an Appraisal from deBebians

deBebians offers a variety of jewelry appraisals for our customers. The majority of our customers receive an Insurance Replacement Value or Certificate of Authenticity appraisal with their order. We, however, offer other kinds of appraisals depending on our customer’s needs. Below is a list of the different kinds of jewelry appraisals deBebians offers.

The most common jewelry appraisal at deBebians is our insurance replacement value/certificate of authenticity appraisal for all jewelry priced at $1,000 or more. This kind of appraisal simply identifies the exact item purchased and will state the authenticity of the diamonds as natural and of both a specific color and clarity grade. This kind of appraisal simply confirms the accuracy of the item purchased and provides a suggested future price to replace this item in the event it is lost, stolen, or damaged. Our experienced GIA Graduate Gemologists will appraise your jewelry for a fair value so that you are appropriately covered by your insurance policy. We do not overvalue jewelry, which would result in unnecessarily high insurance premiums; nor do we undervalue jewelry, so that you are fully covered when its value increases due to rising market prices of gold, platinum and diamonds. An insurance replacement value appraisal is required by all insurance companies in order to be covered on your jewelry.

A certificate of authenticity is different than a gemological grading report from the Gemological Institute of America or the European Gemological Laboratories. If you are purchasing a certified diamond engagement ring or any item that is listed as GIA or EGL certified, in addition to the appraisal you will receive the original gemological certificate(s). All diamonds less than 0.30cttw, such as those used in pave work and some of our eternity bands, are typically not certified because they are too low in carat weight. Melee diamonds (small, full cut diamonds typically less than 0.18ct) will never be certified since it would be not be financially economical.

Many local customers come to deBebians in search of an appraisal for an heirloom piece of jewelry. Our head designer is an expert in both antique and period pieces so we are able to provide period appraisals as well. Knowledge of different historical time periods in jewelry as well as recognizing the important jewelry manufacturers and their contributions to rare precious jewelry is essential. deBebians does not charge for a consultation on estate and period pieces, you only have to pay for the appraisal.

Damage report appraisals is another type of appraisal that deBebians offers. In the unfortunate event that a diamond is chipped, we can determine the amount of loss due to damage. A damage report can include the cost of removing a stone, re-cutting a stone, re-setting a stone as well as repairs on the mounting. We assess the appraisal value as the difference in price between the damaged piece and an undamaged equivalent.

There are other types of jewelry appraisals available in the market but these are the most common. The most important thing about any kind of jewelry appraisal is that it confirms the nature of the item and leaves a written record of the piece. As jewelry is worn over time, and passed down from generation to generation, jewelry appraisals can be vital in ensuring that your precious pieces stay safe and maintain their value throughout the years. We also offer jewelry repair to local customers in Los Angeles. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

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