Precious Metal Pros and Cons

Precious Metal Pros and Cons

I am often asked by clients which metal they should choose… platinum or white gold.  What I usually say is that in my opinion, both have pros and cons.  Here are a few things I mention when I’m talking to clients about metal choice and some things you should also consider when deciding.

Things that I ask my client to consider…

  1.   Platinum not only weighs more than 14kt white gold (about 1.66 times), but it is also a more expensive metal.  Also, with 14kt gold, the purity is 58.5%, whereas we use platinum 950, which is 95% pure platinum.  With budget in mind, sometimes upgrading to platinum drives up the price too much. Sometimes keeping the metal choice 14kt gold will allow you to get more look for your money.
  2. Platinum vs White Gold White gold will require rhodium plating. What is rhodium plating?  Rhodium plating is an electroplating process that is done to all white gold jewelry to make the metal really white.  14kt white gold is actually 58.5% yellow gold with other white metal alloys mixed in.  With wear and time, the rhodium will wear off and you will begin to see the true metal body color. In this picture, you’ll notice two rings straight from casting (platinum ring on the left and 14kt white gold ring on the right).  The rings have obviously not been polished and the white gold ring hasn’t been rhodium plated yet.  Can you see the difference?  Can you see that the white gold ring has a slight hint of yellow?  It’s important to know this so you have more info when it comes to selecting your metal.  I am not trying to discourage you though in any way from purchasing white gold… my engagement ring and wedding band are 14kt white gold.  🙂
  3. Sometimes white gold can cause an allergic reaction and if you have a known sensitivity to certain metals, then platinum is the way to go!  We have had a few clients (not many at all) who have purchased white gold and then realize they actually need platinum.  If you know you have an allergy, I would skip white gold and go with platinum.

These are all great things to consider when choosing which metal you want for your piece of jewelry.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call on us.  We are here to assist and look forward to hearing from you!  Happy shopping!

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