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Popular Blast from the Past: Halo Engagement Ring Settings

Women tend to gravitate to different kinds of engagement rings.  Some prefer ones that are quite simple, while others have always dreamt of sparkling halo ringsHalo engagement ring settings have recently become more popular, as many women prefer the throwback appearance of halo rings.  The have an antique-look and quality to them, which is very appealing.

Many men also love halo rings because they create the illusion that the center diamond is larger and even more exquisite.  If your ring has brilliant micro pave diamonds as well as engraving, it gives the appearance that the metal itself is frosted.  It is a gorgeous effect.

These halo rings have become some of the most sought

Halo engagement ring settings are modern marvels in wedding jewelry, however they take their inspiration from the fashions of the 1920’s.

after engagement rings in recent years.  They have a 1920’s vibe and even look like they have taken inspiration from art deco engagement rings.  Enjoy the antique look and feel of halo engagement rings settings while benefiting from modern jewelry innovations, by having your ring cast in platinum.  You may even wish to plan your entire wedding around your engagement ring by incorporating a 1920’s feel to your wedding decor as well as wedding attire.


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