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Pear shape jewelry is quite popular these days.  Here at deBebians, we sell pear shape engagement rings, pear shape morganite rings and other styles of pear shape jewelry.  Today I want to talk more about pear shape jewelry vs actual pear shape diamond engagement rings.  A very important thing to remember when shopping for pear shape jewelry is that the length to width ratio is critical to the overall look and feel.  If the overall shape of the pear is off, so will be the design of the piece.  You can see in the photos below that we select the proper proportions when hand picking our pear shape gemstones.

These are a few of my particular favorites that we sell here at deBebians.

  1. Sapphire Pear Double Halo Necklace
    Pear Gemstone Necklace

    Style # PDH-01

    This beautiful diamond double halo sapphire pear shape drop necklace is a one-of-a-kind piece.  The center pear sapphire weighs 1.00ct and is AA quality.  The center stone is surrounded by approximately 0.45cttw white diamonds pave set into a double halo mounting.  If you are searching for something larger or smaller, or perhaps this same style but with a different center gemstone, please let us know.

  2. Morganite Pear Drop Earrings Pear Gemstone Earrings

    These morganite pear shape diamond halo drop earrings are gorgeous. With these earrings, you get 3.00cttw pear morganites and 0.50cttw white diamonds.  Perhaps these aren’t an ‘every day piece,’ but you can wear them out on the town for that special event!

  3. Tanzanite Pear Drop Halo Necklace
    Pear Gemstone and Diamond Necklace

    Style # PDDN-03

    I absolutely love tanzanite. It’s probably my favorite gemstone!  This is a similar style design to the morganite drop earrings above but as a drop necklace.  The center pear shape tanzanite here is 4.00ct and is surrounded by 0.50cttw white diamonds.  With tanzanite being a softer gemstone, it will be totally safe to wear in a necklace.  Love this piece!

With pear shape jewelry becoming increasingly popular, know that deBebians has you covered.  If you do not see what you have in mind or if you would like to customize a piece, please let us know!  Happy shopping!







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