Pear Diamond Engagement Rings from deBebians

Pear shape diamond engagement rings are some of my favorites.  For a long time, I didn’t care for pear shape diamonds, but recently I have really grown to absolutely love them!  To me, pear shape diamonds seem to give more size for the carat weight vs. some other cut diamonds.  Who doesn’t want a diamond to look bigger, right?!?

Here are some of my favorite recent pear shape engagement rings that we have manufactured.  Sometimes you may notice the actual shape of the pear diamond can vary from diamond to diamond.  Length to width ratio and overall shape will depend on what appeals to the customer.  All are unique and beautiful though in their own way.

Double Halo Engagement Ring for Pear Diamond

Pear Double Halo Engagement Ring

Style # HE153

Can you believe that the center pear diamond here in this double halo engagement ring is only 1ct?  Technically it’s a 1.01ct and measures 8.62 x 5.70mm.  Just to put that into perspective, a 1ct round will measure roughly 6.5mm in diameter.  Yes, adding a double halo will give the ring overall more size, but the diamond will also give you the idea that it’s more carat weight.  I love this particular pear shape ring!

Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

Pear Halo Engagement Ring

Style # HE3520

Here is a simpler single halo pear shape diamond engagement ring with a 0.93ct center pear.  This particular diamond measures 8.38 x 5.52mm so a smidge smaller than the diamond in the previous ring.  Some of our clients do prefer a simpler single halo engagement ring design and with the split shank, this ring does give a little more finger coverage.

These are just two pear shape engagement rings that we have recently manufactured.  You can see more engagement rings in our recently purchased engagement rings section.  If you need assistance with a pear shape diamond search, do not hesitate to call on us.  One of our staff GIA graduate gemologists will be glad to assist you with a loose diamond search.  Happy shopping!

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