Palladium Engagement Rings: What You Need to Know

There are a plethora of decisions to make when selecting an engagement ring. One very important decision is which metal you choose to make the engagement setting. Most people decide between gold and platinum, with price being the most important factor. Palladium is, however, a great alternative metal that has many benefits for the customer. We also offer palladium engagement rings in our exclusive and beautiful line of Bel Dia engagement rings.

Generally speaking, palladium yields a beautifully finished, cost-effective alternative to platinum and gold. Palladium ring pricing falls between the price of 14kt gold and platinum. deBebians manufactures in a palladium ruthenium alloy 950Pd/Ru which is 95% pure palladium and 5% ruthenium. When selecting an engagement ring on our website, be sure to note the palladium option in the drop down box under metal!

Palladium is a more cost effective alternative to platinum. Platinum can be expensive and when deciding on where to allocate your money, palladium can be a more affordable option.  Palladium is more difficult to cast and requires a very controlled melting environment that is difficult for a caster to provide. Since deBebians is located in the heart of the jewelry district, it gives us the best resources for manufacturing; casting in palladium specifically. Purchasing a palladium engagement ring from deBebians is not only unique, but also an example of the fine quality workmanship we are able to provide our customers.

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