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Oval Diamond Eternity Rings

deBebians Oval Diamond Over the past few months, we have been receiving emails, phone calls and custom quote request forms for oval diamond eternity rings. Due to the high demand for oval diamond eternity rings, we will be introducing these rings to the deBebians site. One reason why oval diamonds have become so popular is because these diamonds tend to show larger than they appear. I have noticed that women who have longer fingers really enjoy wearing oval diamond eternity rings. The shape of the stone is longer, therefore covering more of the finger. The majority of the oval eternity rings you see on the market are set north-south, which gives more coverage on the finger. That’s not to say that if you have shorter fingers you should stay away from a north-south set oval eternity rings. For those who are looking for a unique oval eternity ring, we can manufacture the eternity rings set east-west. Two steps to this process makes manufacturing oval eternity rings very difficult. We have our staffed, graduate gemologists sort the oval diamonds for color, clarity and most importantly, shape. The other step that makes this piece difficult to manufacture is the setting process. Our master diamond setter lays out all the diamonds and double checks the graduate gemologist’s work to make sure that he or she likes everything about the stones that were picked out for him. Once that is approved by the diamonds setter he slowly and carefully sets the diamonds in the mounting making sure the diamonds are set perfectly next to one another. At the end of the manufacturing process we end up with a beautiful oval diamond eternity ring.

For the time being if you would like a costume made oval diamond eternity ring please continue to fill out our custom quote request form.

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