Newest Fancy Cut 5 Stone Diamond Rings from deBebians

Fancy Shaped Five Stone Rings

Fancy cut 5 stone diamond rings are so beautiful and allow the customer to have fun with their diamond bands by experimenting with different diamond shapes. Many people purchase a round brilliant for their diamond engagement ring but this doesn’t mean your wedding band has to feature the same diamond cut. 5 stone rings are excellent for mixing and matching different diamond shapes and Fancy rings 5 stone

are great gifts for an anniversary, birthday and or special occasion.

5 stone rings are a fantastic way to play around with fancy diamond shapes because they are durable, comfortable, and give you larger diamonds than a comparable eternity with the same carat weight. Since a 5 stone ring only features 5 diamonds across the top of the finger, they are also able to be sized. This is ideal for having jewelry that can be worn for a lifetime. In addition, since you get 5 larger stones, you are able to really see the size and shape and appreciate all that fancy cut diamonds have to offer. 5 stone rings are easily stackable with each other so it is also jewelry you can build over time. deBebians offers 5 stone rings in a traditional shared prong mounting as well as a U prong mounting. I recommend contacting our team of staff gemologists to learn more about benefits of two styles and which might be better suited for what you are looking for.

deBebians is working to expand its 5 stone diamond ring collection to include emerald, asscher, and cushion cut diamonds in an array of carat weights. We will be offering these rings in carats weights ranging from 0.50cttw up to 3.00cttw and in a variety of diamond color and clarity options to suit your budget. Now you will be able to enjoy the ease of a traditional 5 stone ring with the beauty and excitement of fancy cut diamonds!

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