New Pink Sapphire Accented Engagement Rings

Due to popular demand, we recently added a few pink sapphire accented engagement rings as a more affordable alternative to our fancy pink diamond accented engagement rings. Pink sapphires, a durable and beautiful gemstone, show a stronger pink color than fancy pink diamonds and also cost thousands of dollars less.

We offer two styles in a two-tone metal combination of rose gold and the white metal of your choice (white gold, palladium or platinum) and one style with an all-one-metal-color design. These new Bel Dia Collection styles also feature pave set white accenting diamonds.

These designs offer a taste of what is possible with our ability to customize just about anything when it comes to our engagement ring designs. We can customize any design for you or create an entirely new design utilizing a variety of metal types, diamonds and/or gemstones. Sometimes clients even ask us to match a particular pink color with our pink sapphires, such as “bubble gum pink” or “dark pink,” which is another way to make it your own.

Incorporating pink sapphires into an engagement ring adds another special layer of meaning, as pink sapphires represent love, forgiveness, passion and romance. The pink color is also associated with October birthstones and anniversaries.

Our pink sapphires are diamond cut, AAA quality, and “eye clean,” meaning there are no inclusions visible to the naked eye. Pink sapphires measure 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness, one notch below diamond, and are akin to rubies. The only difference between a pink sapphire and a ruby is the color saturation, as both are varieties of the mineral corundum. The varying shades of red is caused by the presence of the element chromium.

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