New Nature Inspired Engagement Rings

This past weekend we had a rather large update of our engagement ring collection that also includes a few more pieces inspired by nature, which is a pretty popular theme in jewelry.  Here we will take a look at some of these new products.

Nature Inspired Oval Halo Engagement Ring

Nature Inspired Oval Halo Engagement Ring This magnificent oval halo engagement ring has an incredible profile to it that clearly takes inspiration from nature.  The basket under the halo clearly looks like a cup formed by leaves or petals that gently holds and presents the center diamond and halo to onlookers while the side is covered with wheat or laurel-like hand-engraving giving the piece a distinctly rustic and elegant appeal that seems to emulate a wreath pattern or beautiful vine.

Diamond Leaf Accented Engagement Ring

Diamond Leaf Accented Engagement Ring Diamond Leaf Accented Engagement Ring

This wonderful specimen of nature inspired jewelry has been available on our site as a pre-set engagement ring, but was so lovely that we thought we should add the design to our diamond accented section.  The unique design of this ring is thin and delicate with bezels that emulate a fruit or berry at the bottom of the nature inspired motif with exquisite milgrained leaves that have round brilliant cut diamonds set within them climbing up the band on either side up to the center diamond.  The center diamond’s prongs also seem reminiscent of small berries giving the entire ring a uniquely organic look.

Morganite Three Stone Engagement Ring with Engraving and Milgrain

Morganite Three Stone Engagement Riing with Engraving

This engagement ring setting is from our extremely popular collection of morganite and rose gold engagement rings.  The particular points of charm that feature nature inspired elements are the floral curls ornamenting the open gallery and the leafy hand engraving that covers most of the open areas of the basket and band of the ring.  These aspects of the design enhance the romantic feel of the design by adding a sense of softness to the design of the ring that effortlessly complements the rose gold and pinkish color of the morganite center stones.

Cushion Morganite Solitaire Engagement Ring with Twisted Band

Cushion Morganite Solitaire with Twisted Rose Gold Band

This charming ring with twisted band of course emulates vines like most of our engagement ring settings with twisted motifs.  The most nature-inspired feature of it though is the trellis setting where the prongs actually cross over each other similar to a trellis in a garden.  This criss-cross pattern really emphasizes  the natural appeal of this simple ring idea.

We hope you enjoyed this look at some of our newest engagement ring settings.  There are plenty other new pieces that were also added to several different sections of our site.  Please explore our engagement ring section for more of the designs that we offer both old and new.

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