New Item! Gemstone Solitaire Pendants

Freshly posted to our site as of last night are our gemstone solitaire pendants!  Some of our classic floating diamond pendant styles can now be set with a ruby, sapphire, or black diamond.  This adds some extra color, spice, and personality to a timeless accessory and they make wonderful gift ideas for birthdays, holidays, or even just as a treat for yourself.

Ruby Floating Solitaire Pendant - Prong

Ruby Floating Solitaire Pendant – Prong

The above features one of our pendants in ruby with a 14kt white gold prong setting and chain.  The vibrant red really pops and has a different sort of scintillating eye-catching appeal than our diamond renditions.

Black Diamond Floating Solitaire Pendant - Bezel

Black Diamond Floating Solitaire Pendant – Bezel

This one is our black diamond pendant in a 14kt gold bezel setting.  The dramatic color of the black diamond really adds a more chic, innovative spin on this accessory than the standard white diamond counterpart.

Sapphire Floating Solitaire Pendant - Yellow Gold

Sapphire Floating Solitaire Pendant – Yellow Gold

Our blue sapphire rendition pictured above is a really smart match with 14kt yellow gold.  The pairing of the bright blue from the blue sapphire with the lovely glow from the yellow gold has a look with a royal air to it.

Each of these pieces comes with either a 16 inch or 18 inch chain so you can decide how high or low you like to wear your jewelry and our stunning colored gold options are at your disposal to personalize these time-honored accessories to fit your personal fashion sense and tastes.  We also have four different gemstone sizes available — 4 mm, 4.5 mm, 5.5 mm, or 6 mm diameter stones.  This allows you to determine the kind of impression you want to make with this enduring jewelry piece.

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