New Engagement Rings for Fall

It seems that nowadays there is a great divide among engagement ring styles. The original solitaire and more recently the halo design (which has become the new standard) have saturated the market; you pretty much see them everywhere you go. Now don’t get me wrong, these are timeless designs, but there is always room for design innovation. Designing for what could become the new classic styles of tomorrow is something that I am very passionate about! I like giving people options and stretching their imagination with bridal jewelry. Nothing in this world is black and white, why should your ring fall into one category? Below are some new, amazingly unique and dynamic engagement ring designs that deBebians has launched for this fall.

1. Step Cut Engagement Ring Setting with Baguettes

princess cut engagement ring

Style # HE238

If you love an emerald cut eternity band, style # HE238 could be the ring for you. This mounting features a tapered baguette diamond shank, which gives the illusion that your diamond is sitting on an emerald cut eternity ring. The contrast between the step cut faceting in the shank and the center diamond (if you select a brilliant cut diamond) gives great contrast and makes for a very interesting play of brilliance and fire. This mounting is not limited to a brilliant cut center stone. If an emerald cut is your preference, you can do that as well. What I love about this ring is that it can be paired with a matching channel set baguette eternity band giving a very symmetrical and structured look. This ring is ideal for someone who wants a lot of diamond weight in their mounting and something that is not so thin and delicate.

2. Radiant Double Halo Engagement Ring with Hand Engraving

Hand engraved engagement ring

Style # HE273

Pave engagement rings can be either u pave style or regular pave; which can be further divided into either pave with a high polished edge or milgrained edges. The most common style of pave is u pave unless you request an antique design which typically results with a milgrained edge accented ring. What I love about our style # HE272 is that it encompasses both designs (u pave & antique pave) making it truly a combination of all wonderful things pave. My favorite part of this ring is the hand engraving. There is not one area on this ring that is not accented, which means this is a very dynamic ring as hand engraving gives off a more sparkling appearance. This ring is a u pave style double halo with a graduated antique pave style shank with milgrain accents. You definitely will not see another ring like this at your local retailer.

3. Oval Pave Engagement Ring

Oval shaped engagement ring

Style # HE281

Our latest design, style # HE281, is a personal favorite of mine because it features a diamond accented rim on the basket. Sometimes, instead of doing a halo, added pave diamonds underneath the center stone gives your ring that additional “oomph” without taking away from the center diamond. My favorite part of this ring is looking at it from the side and seeing the hidden diamonds, which send flashes of sparkle from every direction. The shank of this ring is 1.7mm wide, making it have a very micro set feel and giving the illusion that the center diamond is floating.

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