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Marriage Proposal Tips from a Jewelry Expert

Engagement Ring with Hand Engraving

Style # HE72

Planning a secret proposal?? Here are a few things to help you out:

Finger size: It’s really best to purchase the engagement ring as close to the correct ring finger size as possible if you can. I know sometimes you may be off, but try to be sneaky. Ask one of her girlfriends who swears they will keep quiet. I bet she knows your girlfriend’s finger size. Or sneak one of her rings to a local jewelry store and have it sized professionally. There are some ways to figure it out. The closer you are to the correct size, the better off you will be as far as having the ring sized properly after you propose.

Metal allergies: Some people have allergies to certain metals. It can turn your finger green, or it can make it blister or peel. If you know she has a nickel allergy, my opinion would be to stay away from white gold. The best metal choices for her would be either palladium or platinum. I have worked with clients in the past who had to reset their engagement rings into either palladium or platinum because of allergies to alloys in white gold. It did resolve the allergic reaction and the clients were able to wear their engagement rings again with no problems at all!

Metal preference: You may have no clue what metal to pick for her. White gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum… there are so many choices. How will you ever decide?!? Well, a good way to try to figure it out is to look at the jewelry she already wears on a regular basis. If you are trying to keep the proposal a secret, this will be a great way to help you decide which metal to buy. For example, if she’s wearing yellow gold, she probably already knows that yellow gold compliments her skin tone the best. If you now know this, you should choose either 14kt or 18kt yellow gold.

See how easy this can be? 🙂 If you need assistance, do not hesitate to call on us. With three GIA graduate gemologists on staff, let us do the ‘heavy lifting’. Let us know your budget and what you are seeking. We will run a personalized diamond search for you and present the best options currently available to us on the market. All you need to do it snoop around and figure out the basics. We’ll help you take it from there!

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